Daniel Šintaj

Systems administrator & Developer

Hi there ! My name is Daniel, I'm a systems administrator and developer currently based in Bratislava, Slovakia.

"Living here, you'll never grow old..."

work experience

Freelance Systems Administrator and Developer

Independent Linux consultant, building own services at CustomServer.sk, delivering pre-configured server instances.

(August 2013 - Now)

Systems administrator at Web4U s.r.o.

Administration of webhosting, mail and database services for customers of top level domains (.cz) in Prague, Czech Republic.

January 2013 - July 2013

Systems administrator at DIGMIA s.r.o.

Engineering large server farms (100+ servers) and clusters based mainly on RedHat Enterprise Linux, Scientific Linux, CentOS.

November 2012 - April 2013

Systems administrator at WebSupport s.r.o.

Taking care of the extensive webhosting infrastructure for the number one *.sk domain registrar in Slovakia.

January 2010 - July 2011

My Skills

System Administration
Database Administration
High Availability
Server Monitoring
Web Development
Software Development
Wordpress, Drupal implementations
Music APIs


What makes me unique and out of ordinary compared to other people in the field of Information Technology?

I keep focus on various areas from systems administration, through web development up to data mining.

Following areas are the ones that I feel the most confident about and you can ask my assistance anytime you require:

  • Linux / UNIX servers
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL + replication
  • XEN Cloud Platform, XenServer, VirtualBox
  • Pacemaker / Corosync, Keepalived, DRBD
  • Webservers: Apache httpd, Nginx
  • Email solutions: Postfix, Dovecot
  • ZABBIX, Python
  • Wordpress, Drupal
  • Last.fm, The Echo Nest, SoundCloud



I love private projects! And I love the idea that we can create something new, because there's always a room. CustomServer.sk is my server hosting outfit, where I build custom virtual server instances available upon request with features like cloning from templates or saving your own.


Data mining project focused on automatic information gathering for every new artist in user's last.fm library. (Biographies, images / music videos, social network profiles, via The EchoNest API.) Engine parts open-sourced on GitHub.

My Last Mood

Creating a music recommendation platform based on user's definition of moods and his own music library. No random songs, everything you know based on the way how do you feel. Technical part consists out of various calculations + some of my algorithms. Engine parts also open-sourced on GitHub.


Slovak / Czech community blog about building the future of music. Music APIs, dates of Music Hack Day events, technology showcase, custom hacks, private projects propagation, independent development - anything around synergy of music, art and technology.

Technology Blog

Sometimes when I'm dealing with issues I also use to write about it. Go and look for solutions in fields of Linux, Music Hacking and various kinds of code experiments.

Travel Blog

Freedom is the most powerful way to live. In order to use the full potential, I'm trying to live the idea of the world exploration, while contributing my work back to society. This blog is in my native (Slovak) language.

Photo Albums

I am also very fond of traveling, so here are few pictures I like to take whilst on the road.
  • From Stockholm to Helsinki

  • Stockholm, May 2012

  • Amsterdam, March 2012

  • Morning Lights of London

  • The City of Dreaming Spires

  • Hamburger in Color

  • The Tower of London

  • Spring Bratislava


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Contact Information

Email : daniel@portwd.com
Web : www.portwd.com

Work hours :
Flexible upon Agreement

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